Inflatable Seam Tear Repairs

If a water slide or other moonwalk has grit or sand, the sand will function just like sandpaper and slowly break away at the stitching of your inflatable and cause seam tears. The last thing you want to do to try and solve this issue is to tape it with duct tape or gorilla tape. When a seam breaks open it needs to be restitched, and depending on the damage reinforced or rebuilt as well. Our repair team can repair the problem area so that it never looked like it tore in the first place. If the vinyl itself tore, and not just the stitching, there is a chance an area of the vinyl needs to be replaced so that it will not tear again in the future.

Repairs for all manufacturer inflatables

At Fix My Bounce House, we can repair torn seams on any inflatable made by any manufacturer.  Some repair companies only service one particular manufacturer, but we will repair any moonwalk. We have repaired torn seams on everything from giant slides to Velcro walls. Torn seams on inflatables can be dangerous. The safety of your customers is very important to us. Even a small torn seam can become larger very quickly with the internal pressure from the blower and the external pressure of kids jumping.  Waiting to fix even a small torn seam puts your customers at risk. A torn seam on the bottom of your jumper or other inflatable could be causing air to leak out, so that your inflatable will not stay fully inflated.

Skilled, Trained Seamstress

At Fix My Bounce House, we use industrial-grade sewing machines. Our employees are trained and experienced in sewing vinyl.  Once we repair a torn seam, no traces of a rip are left to the perusing eye.

Quick Turn Around on Repairs

Pulling your inflatable out of inventory for a few weeks and sending it to the other side of the country to get it repaired will cost you a lot of money.  Besides paying for the repair, you also must pay for shipping and lose money from rentals for up to two weeks! If you schedule a repair with us, we can have your inflatable repaired in one day.  You can ship to us or drive the inflatable to our warehouse and have it back in production the next day.