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Our online store is stocked with a large collection of products for your rental repair needs. We carry a variety of blowers for wacky wavy dancing men, themed advertising inflatables, and industrial bounce houses. We also have repair kits so you can fix your jumpy castles yourself, as well as vinyl cement glue, vinyl sold by the yard, and many different netting size options so you can repair your inflatables on your own.


Check out our large variety of moonwalk accessories. Are the straps on your inflatables broken or worn out from so much use? We makemoonwalk straps in our warehouse! Maybe you need a new deflation zipper? We make those too! We can even install the new deflation flap on your inflatable.

Have you been searching for a moonwalk cleaner that removes the dirt from your inflatables but keeps your cleaners safe? We have an all organic, natural moonwalk
cleaner. It removes dirt, face paint, mud, and more. Most importantly, it is all natural which means it is completely safe for your cleaners to use and your customers to be


Patch Kits are great for patching a small hole in your inflatable. The kit includes several different colors of vinyl and vinyl glue. If your inflatable was punctured, just use the Patch Kit to close up the hole.


Our Repair Kits include more materials such as netting and a sewing awl. It's great for patching small holes in the vinyl as well as patching up small holes in your inflatable's netting.