Rainbow Window Netting


Repair tears in protective mesh with Rainbow Window Netting. Ideal for small tears in inflatables. Multiple sizes to choose from.

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Hi, I'm Samantha with www.repairmymoonwalk.com and today I'm...

Hi, I'm Samantha with www.repairmymoonwalk.com and today I'm going to show you how to tell
if you should replace a small area of netting or get a whole window replaced.

The problem with netting is eventually, once it becomes old, there are holes that may start

to form.
Especially with this type of netting where the kids will grab onto the netting.
You can see here the customer already tried to tie together some of these holes that were
coming apart and it probably extended the life of the netting for some time but now

it is starting to come apart more.
And so the way to tell if this needs to be a small section of repair or replacement issue,

you're going to go and take an adult with a good amount of pressure and just pull apart
one of these areas.
If it breaks apart like that, that means this netting is dry rotted.
It's been sitting out in the sun for too long.
This is going to start breaking apart.
And so as long as you can keep breaking it, then it's going to need to be replaced because
if you replace this, if you go in and try to tie this together, then the next area is

going to break and it's just all going to come apart.
So this is a netting window that's definitely going to need to be replaced.
If it doesn't break apart as long as you try to pull it, then it is an area where you can
take a small patch of netting, lay over top of it, and just tie back up and I'll put a

link in the card.
We have a video on how to replace and repair a small window hole instead of getting it

all replaced so check out that video if you want to just repair a small hole in your netting.

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Kids love the excitement of playing on bounce houses, jump houses, and other inflatables, but with constant use, the protective mesh can experience tears. Our Rainbow Window Netting provides a reliable solution for repairing small tears in these inflatables, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of children.

We offer Rainbow Window Netting in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific inflatable. Whether you need a 2′ x 3′, 4′ x 6′, or any other size, we have you covered. The netting is made from durable material that withstands the rigors of play and restores the integrity of the protective mesh.

Repairing tears is a breeze with our Rainbow Window Netting. Simply use thread and a sewing awl to secure the netting in place, providing a strong and secure barrier. If you require additional repair materials or a complete solution, consider our comprehensive moonwalk repair kit, which includes rainbow netting, thread, an awl, patches, glue, and more.

At [Your Company Name], we understand that each inflatable is unique, and its repair needs may vary. If you don’t find the exact size or shape you need listed, don’t worry! Simply reach out to us via email, and our dedicated team will work with you to accommodate your specific requirements.

Trust us to be your go-to source for high-quality inflatable repair solutions. Our Rainbow Window Netting and other repair materials are designed to help you maintain the safety, durability, and longevity of your inflatables, ensuring countless hours of fun-filled play for children.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in