Moonwalk Repair Kit

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Be prepared for small inflatable repairs with our comprehensive Moonwalk Repair Kit. Includes vinyl patches, mesh, netting, glue, sewing awl, scissors, and more. DIY repairs made easy!

  • *Add Rainbow Netting

    *Add Black Mesh

  • *Double the Number of vinyl Patches

    *Upgrade the vinyl cement glue to 8oz?

    *Add 3' X 5' 18oz vinyl?


When you purchase one of our repair kits, it provides you wi...

When you purchase one of our repair kits, it provides you with everything you need to
do a variety of small DIY repairs.
These repair kits are very useful to keep on hand.
If you ever come across and emergency where you have a minor repair that can be easily
fixed but you don't have the materials for it, this provides you with all of those materials
that you would need.
Inside there are 8 vinyl patches.
These come in a roll of squares.
There is red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, and black and white.
So that you have all the colors you need to do a variety of patches on different inflatables

depending on the colors that you need.
They're large enough that you can cut them down to do several patches per color depending
on the size of the tear or hole that you need to patch.
We also have a video tutorial showing you exactly how to patch inflatables that you
can check out.
The next item is a square piece of mesh.
This is the type of mesh you find on different bounce houses and slides.
This is a large enough patch that you can use to cut it down for the same purpose as
the vinyl patches.
You can cut it into little areas that you need for if you ever need to patch a small

hole or tear in a netting that doesn't require the entire netting to be replaced.
This is a good solution to where you can patch it up and keep it lasting a little while longer.

Along with the mesh and the vinyl patches there is also a patch of rainbow netting.

This is for the same purpose for different bounce houses that have this large squared
You can use this to patch netting that isn't completely worn out but just needs some small

repairs in it.
We do also have video tutorials on how to patch rainbow netting as well as the black

To patch on vinyl areas you will need some vinyl cement glue which is provided in the

repair kit.
You get a 4 ounce can of glue.
There are also options to upgrade the size when you order online.
But the 4 ounce can is enough to do several patches.
This glue is specifically designed to adhere vinyl to vinyl.
So when you take a vinyl patch and you use it to glue a hole on an inflatable, it is

completely permanent and is not going to go anywhere.
Next you get a sewing awl kit.
This has a sewing awl, a spool of thread, as well as a curved needle attached to the
top of the package that you can use for a variety of different uses.
The sewing awl itself can be used to punch think areas of vinyl to get you a start for

when you're ready to stitch back up a large tear.
The curved needle can be used to weave the thread through the previously punched holes
and, like I said, conduct larger repairs that are needed.
And we do have videos on how to use the sewing awl as well as the curved needle.
You are also provided with a brand new pair of scissors that you can use to cut the vinyl,
the netting, or whatever you need it to to conduct your repairs.
Lastly, you are provided with a seam ripper.
These are used to break the seam of already sewn inflatables.
If you need to open an area of an inflatable to access and area, these are used to break

the stitching to enter the inflatable without damaging the unit any further.

That is everything provided in our repair kits.
Like I mentioned before, we have plenty of tutorials showing you how to use all the items
in our repair kits.
So feel free to look at the links in the description to explore all of our tutorial videos.
We have a large collection of videos showing you how to do a wide variety of repairs on
your own.

Be fully equipped for a variety of small DIY repairs with our Moonwalk Repair Kit. Designed to handle common damages to inflatables, this kit provides you with all the necessary materials and tools. It includes 8 vinyl patches in various colors, a square piece of mesh, rainbow netting, vinyl cement glue, a sewing awl kit with thread, a curved needle, a pair of scissors, a seam ripper, and a storage bag. With these items, you can easily patch small holes, tears, and conduct repairs without the need for extensive replacements. Our tutorial videos guide you through using each item effectively. Keep this repair kit on hand for quick and convenient fixes to extend the life of your inflatables.

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