Jumpy Castle Straps 15 ft x 2 inch with Labels 4 Pack With Labels For Inflatable


Secure your inflatable with our 15ft x 2″ jumpy castle straps. Includes 4 labeled straps for easy setup and enhanced safety.


Ensure Safe and Secure Inflatable Fun

Safeguard your inflatable play structure with our reliable jumpy castle straps. Designed for optimal safety, these 15ft x 2″ straps provide a secure anchor, allowing kids to enjoy their inflatable adventures worry-free.

Durable Construction for Long-lasting Performance

Our jumpy castle straps are built to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand rigorous use and provide a strong hold for your inflatable. Count on their durability to ensure long-lasting performance.

Convenient Labeled Straps for Easy Setup

With the included labels, setting up your inflatable becomes a breeze. Each 4-pack of straps comes with convenient labels, allowing you to quickly identify and attach them to the appropriate anchor points. Streamline your setup process with ease.

Generous Length and Width for Versatility

Featuring a length of 15ft and a width of 2 inches, our jumpy castle straps offer ample length and width for versatile usage. Whether you need to secure your inflatable to a structure or anchor it to the ground, these straps provide the flexibility you require.

Strong and Reliable Connection

Our jumpy castle straps are equipped with sturdy buckles and robust webbing, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. They can withstand the movements and playfulness of children, providing a stable and safe inflatable experience.

Enhance Safety during Inflatable Play

By using our jumpy castle straps, you create a safer environment for kids. The reliable anchoring system prevents the inflatable from shifting or tipping during active play, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring maximum fun and safety.

Easy Installation and Adjustment

Installing and adjusting our jumpy castle straps is a straightforward process. With user-friendly buckles, you can easily attach the straps to the designated anchor points on your inflatable and adjust the tension as needed. Enjoy hassle-free setup and peace of mind.

Versatile Applications

While specifically designed for jumpy castles, our versatile straps can also be used to secure other inflatables such as bounce houses, water slides, or obstacle courses. Their reliable performance makes them suitable for a range of inflatable applications.

Convenient 4-Pack with Labeled Straps

Each pack includes 4 jumpy castle straps, with each strap labeled for easy identification. This provides you with the right quantity for securing your inflatable, and the labeled straps ensure a smooth setup process. Keep your inflatables safe and secure.

Prioritize Safety and Reliability

We prioritize safety and reliability in our products. Our jumpy castle straps undergo stringent testing to meet industry standards and deliver a secure hold. Invest in our quality straps to ensure the safety of your inflatable playtime.

Order Your Jumpy Castle Straps Today

Enhance the safety and enjoyment of your inflatable play structure with our durable 15ft x 2″ jumpy castle straps. With included labeled straps for easy setup, you can streamline the installation process. Order your 4-pack today and create a secure environment for endless inflatable fun.

Additional information

Weight 38 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 6 in