DIY Inflation Tube Straps (Quantity 2)


Easily replace or repair inflation tube straps with our DIY Inflation Tube Straps. Commercial-grade vinyl. Simple application. Includes 2 straps.

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When you come across an issue like this when you have your i...

When you come across an issue like this when you have your inflation tube that you use
to inflate your moonwalk and the strap itself breaks, sometimes this happens because the

strap is dry rotted, and so you can see the strap is broken so we cannot use this to tie

off the inflation tube.
So instead of getting the entire tube replaced, I'm going to show you how to replace this
strap with our DIY tube strap.
First thing you're going to do is you're going to take some scissors and we're just going
to get rid of this strap here by cutting it out.
We're going to get as close to the seam as possible and just cut away at it.
I'm going to fold the tube like this so it's a little easier to access.
Like I said, we're just going to cut off the strap at the base as close to the seam as
you can get without cutting the vinyl.
And it's ok if there's a little bit of that strap still showing because we're going to
cover that up in a minute.
So let me get rid of the old strap and I'm going to get our DIY tube strap here.

This is what it looks like when you purchase it on the website and it has this vinyl patch
on it with the strap already sewn to it.
So what we're going to do, is we're going to take it and lay it on top of that seam
where the old strap was.
Then, I'm going to take a white pencil-these types of pencils where you can just erase

them from the vinyl after you're done, or you can just use a regular pencil, whichever
you prefer-and I'm going to erase around the patch.
This way we have a reference for where we need to put the glue down.
So the next thing we're going to need is the vinyl cement glue that's also available on
the website.
So I'm going to start by putting glue on here on the inflation tube first.
You don't have to apply a very thick coating, but just make sure the entire area is covered.

And you want to go just a little bit past the white line you marked to make sure that

all of the edges of the patch are covered.
So it's ok to go over that line a little bit.
This glue is clear and it will dry clear.
Make sure you're doing this in a well ventilated area.
Ok so once all of that is glued, I'm going to do the same thing to the back of the patch.
Just cover the back in glue.
Just make sure to get the edges.
Because you want to make sure the entire patch is glued down.
If there's any edges showing, it might try to peel off in the future.
As long as you get the glue on all of the edges, you won't have to worry about it going
Ok, now both sides are covered in the glue.
An important thing to remember about this glue, though, is you don't want to apply it
immediately after putting the glue down.
You actually want to wait for it to dry a little bit.
You can also blow on it, fan it down, to try and get it to dry.
You want it to be to the point where the glue is a little bit cloudy and it'll be a little
bit of a tacky texture.
That's when you want to put the glue down.
So I'm going to blow on it, and in a minute it'll be ready to glue down.
Ok you can see it is a little more of a cloudy texture now, so it is ready to patch.

So, you just take the top of the patch, you want to stretch out the inflation tube as
much as you can, and if you want you can have someone else help you, and you'll stretch
this out to make sure you patch over the seam correctly.
And then we're going to place the patch back down on the circle that we traced.

Just take your time as your time as you're putting it down to make sure it's flat and
exactly where you want it to be.
Ok, and then once you do that you want to apply pressure on it for about five to ten

And this is what it looks like when it's all finished.
You can double check all of the edges once it's dry and just make sure that it's all
glued down and secure.
And then you have a new strap ready to use to close your inflation tube.

Our DIY Inflation Tube Straps are designed to provide an easy and convenient solution for replacing or repairing inflation tube straps on commercial inflatable slides or jumpers. With this DIY replacement strap kit, you no longer need to transport your inflatable to a repair facility. Made from commercial-grade 18oz vinyl, these straps are highly durable and built to last. With simple application, you can install the inflation tube strap in just a minute, saving you time and money. Each pack includes 2 straps. Glue for installation is sold separately.


  • Includes 2 straps
  • Ready to ship
  • Commercial grade 18oz vinyl
  • Easy to apply
  • Glue sold separately

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1 in