(4) 10′ Seatbelt Straps

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Keep your inflatables secure and long-lasting with our 10′ Seatbelt Moonwalk Straps. Made from durable seatbelt material. Smooth, easy to tie down, and double D-rings for a secure grip. In stock and ready to ship.


Our seatbelt moonwalk straps are by far the best and most lo...

Our seatbelt moonwalk straps are by far the best and most long lasting way to keep your

inflatables secure.
Just like the name suggests, they are made out of a seatbelt material.
So they are very tough, very durable, and they're going to last you a really long time.
So if you want to invest in a strap that is going to last you many many years this is
a great option for you.
We have them in 10 foot and 15 foot rolls depending on the inflatable you need them
We recommend the 10 foot rolls for inflatables such as jumpers and the 15 foot rolls for
larger inflatables like large obstacles and slides.
They're smooth and slick and easy to tie down.
But, the smoothness of the material doesn't stop the double D-rings on the end from getting

a good grip on the material and keeping your inflatable tight and secure and easy to transport.

Invest in the best and most long-lasting solution for securing your inflatables with our (4) 10′ Seatbelt Moonwalk Straps. Made from seatbelt material, these straps are exceptionally tough and durable, ensuring years of reliable use. With a smooth and slick surface, they are easy to tie down, while the double D-rings on the end provide a secure grip, keeping your inflatables tight, secure, and easy to transport. The 10-foot length is recommended for jumpers and similar inflatables, providing ample coverage. These seatbelt straps offer superior strength, with a breaking strength range of 6000 lbs and a melting point of 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose the best straps for your party inflatables and advertising balloons.


  • 2″ wide x 10′ long

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Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 in