18oz Vinyl Sold by the Yard (60″ wide)


Easily repair your inflatables with our 18 oz commercial grade vinyl. Various colors available, 5′ wide, ready to ship.

  • *Add Rainbow Netting

    *Add Black Mesh

  • *Color


Repair your inflatables with ease using our 18 oz commercial grade vinyl, available in a variety of colors. Whether you need to patch your bounce houses, water slides, or worn places on your slide blanket, we have the standard colored vinyl you’re looking for. The vinyl is 5′ wide and sold by the yard, allowing you to order exactly what you need for your repair projects. With a wide range of colors available and ready to ship, you can quickly and conveniently restore your inflatables to their original condition.


  • Various colors available
  • 5′ wide
  • Ready to ship

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 4 in