16 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue


Repair holes, tears, and damages on inflatables with our 16 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue. Industrial strength adhesive for all inflatables.


Our vinyl cement glue comes in three different sizes. The s...

Our vinyl cement glue comes in three different sizes.
The smallest being a 4 ounce can of glue.
The next size up being an 8 ounce can of glue.
And our largest size being a 16 ounce can of glue.
No matter what size you choose, all of our cement glue is specifically designed to repair

It is designed so that when you use the glue to adhere vinyl to vinyl, it is permanent
and you don't have to worry about it going anywhere.
This glue is great for patching inflatables when you have small holes and tears that just

need a surface repair and don't need replacing.
Our vinyl cement glue is also included in our repair and our patch kits.

So if you needed to patch an inflatable we do have a complete patch kit you can purchase.
And we also have repair kits that give you everything you need for a large variety of
small repairs.

Our 16 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue is a high-grade industrial strength adhesive specially formulated for repairing moonwalks, backyard slides, and other inflatables. This superior glue securely bonds vinyl patches to effectively mend holes, tears, and other damages. With its exceptional holding power in all weather conditions, this super-duty glue ensures long-lasting repairs. It is an excellent choice for sealing, patching, and various vinyl repairs, providing reliable performance and durability.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in