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Monkey Joe's Inflatable Slide Repairs

monkey joes slide repair

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Here at Repair My Moonwalk we specialize in repairing Monkey Joe's giant slide cover blankets. We repair slide blankets or create new ones for your needs. After being in business for 16 years we have gained the experience to serve your every need. Repairs are done quickly and at an affordable price for your business no matter your location.

We can make any size custom slide liner to fit any of your Monkey Joe's inflatables. Some obstacle courses have slide mats as well with climbing rocks.  We can repair your climbing rocks or replace them as needed.

Shop DIY Products

Check out these products that can help you make simple repairs on your Monkey Joe's inflatable slides. If you don't feel comfortable with the repair, always call us to help out! We can do fast repairs and ship your inflatable back to keep your business running smoothly.