Custom Ladder Climb Blankets

Years of use and children climbing can cause a ladder climb to wear down. On water slides they can become dry and brittle from a lot of exposure to the sun and contact with water. Because most ladder climbs are attached by velcro they are very easy to replace. Simply remove the old one and either bring it to us (or ship it), or to save money measure it yourself and send us the accurate measurements of the cover. We can, using the measurements, replicate a new blanket for you without you ever sending us the old blanket. We have manufactured a wide range of climb blankets of different shapes and sizes. We have a wide range of 18oz vinyl colors, and our high density foam ladder rungs are comfortable to step on and are long lasting.

If only a section of your climb blanket is torn, we can replace a small section to save you money, instead of replacing the entire blanket (shown in the second example).