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How To Disinfect Your Rental Inventory

A great pairing to add to our organic moonwalk cleaner is our moonwalk disinfectant. Disinfecting your inflatables should be a regular part of your cleaning routine to keep them free of harmful bacteria and safe for kids to use.

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Fix Your Broken Inflation Tube Strap

If you have a broken strap on your moonwalk inflation tube, there’s no need to bring the entire inflatable into a facility to be repaired. You can use our DIY inflation tube straps to replace the broken strap yourself.

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Affordable Sandbags For Your Bounce House

Our econo sandbags are an easy and affordable way to anchor down your inflatable. Sometimes situations arise where you cannot stake the inflatable into grass, such as when they’re indoors in places like school gyms. Your bounce house, slide, obstacle course, or any other type of inflatable should be anchored down at all times while inflated for safety, and staked into grass whenever possible.

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Easy To Install Drain Flap For Water Slides

A common issue that comes with owning and operating water slide inflatables is the dangers of mold that comes with it. Mold thrives in dark damp areas such as inside an inflatable that is not completely dry. If water slides are not dried thoroughly after use, this issue will arise eventually. A quick, fast, and…

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DIY Business Card Holders For Bounce Houses

This useful feature is not found already installed on every inflatable you purchase. Depending on the manufacturer, the inflatable will come with a business card pouch, usually found on the column of a bounce house. The benefit to having these card holders is your moon bouncer can sell itself for you, even when you’re not…

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