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Bounce House Beyond Repair? Maybe Not

The entrance to this sport arena was so cracked and worn that the vinyl itself was leaking a lot of air. It was previously patched in an attempt to salvage it, but it was in such poor condition we completely replaced the front part of the wall from the top of the green to the bottom of the black.

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Loose Seam On A Combo Popup Inflatable

The seam on this popup inside a jump slide combo came loose because of age. We we stitched it close again from the inside so that you can’t even tell there was a problem to begin with. Learn more about our repair services here.

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22′ Giant Slide Tear Repair

The tear you see here was large enough to prevent the entire 22′ inflatable slide from completely inflating. This wasn’t a simple restitch repair, because you can see in the photo that the vinyl itself tore and not just the thread.

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Rip In Floor Of Inflatable Waterslide

Sand and grit can commonly be found left behind after renting out waterslides. The sand acts just like sandpaper and will wear down the stitches of an inflatable if it isn’t removed regularly. As you can see here, that’s exactly what happened.

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