Organic, Safe, And Long Lasting Moonwalk Cleaner

Our cleaner is completely organic, so it’s safe for kids to come in contact with it.

Our organic moonwalk cleaner is the best way to keep your moonwalks clean and sanitary. The best part about these bottles of cleaner is that one sixteen ounce bottle makes forty eight gallons of cleaner. For the same price as this bottle, you would only get a few spray bottles of cleaner somewhere else.

This bottle is very concentrated. You dilute it with water according to the ratios listed. According to the ratios, you can use a 1/4 teaspoon for sixteen ounces of water, or, 2 teaspoons for a gallon of water. So you can use it as you need it.

Because it comes in this concentrated form, you can also use it completely concentrated in small, stubborn areas of stains. If you have an area that doesn’t come out because of the dirt with the normal diluted cleaner, you can use it at full power, fully concentrated, for the same purpose.

Because it’s organic, it’s completely safe. When kids are running on it, you don’t want any toxins on the inflatable for the safety of the kids playing on it. This stuff is so safe, you could actually drink it straight out of the bottle. One bottle of this cleaner is going to last you a really long time and it’s a really affordable way to keep your moonwalks clean.

Don’t put harsh chemicals or toxins on your investment.  Let your customers know you use an organic, plant based cleaner on your units so the parents know their kids will be playing on a clean safe inflatable bouncer or slide.  This bounce house cleaner is the best for our industry and will not cause your workers to be exposed to harsh chemicals. We use this cleaner on all rentals, repairs, even customers counters and everyday cleaner.  The cost works out to be about a nickel per 16 oz spray bottle. Think of the money saved over buying $3 – $5 bottles of cleaner from Wal-mart, a nickel per bottle adds up quickly.

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