The Ultimate Tool For Repairing Your Inflatables

Premium repair kits have everything you need for a variety of small repairs.

Our premium repair kit is the ultimate tool to keep on hand for repairing your inflatables. The bag itself actually doubles as a sandbag. Once you get it, you can either store all of the repair materials in the bag, or you can take all the materials out, put pea gravel into the bag, and use it as a sandbag to help anchor down your inflatables.

Inside, you get two rolls of vinyl patches. There are 8 patches in each roll of these. There is red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange, black, and white. You get double the patches that you would normally get in the standard repair kits and patch kits. These patches are great for doing quick simple fixes on inflatables where you want to patch an area that has a small hole or tear that doesn’t require a large amount of area to be replaced. This is a great solution for that. Because you get double the vinyl, this will last you a long time as far as patches go, and you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. So you can match it to the inflatable you have and your needs.

In order to patch your inflatable, you do need a can of vinyl cement glue, which is included with your premium repair kit. In the premium repair kit, the size of glue you get is 16 ounces, or a pint, instead of the normal 4 ounce can of glue that comes in the regular repair kits. Because you get so much glue and so many vinyl patches, these patches will last you a long time and you will get a lot of use out of this size can of glue. This glue is specifically designed for vinyl and for industrial grade inflatables. We also have a video showing you exactly how to patch inflatables step by step on our website.

The next item you will get is a large piece of mesh. You get a larger amount than you do in the repair kits. It’s great to be able to patch small holes in windows when the entire window doesn’t need to be replaced.

For the same purpose, you also get larger pieces of rainbow netting as compared to the repair kits. So you will have more netting that will last you a lot longer. We have tutorials on how to patch window mesh and rainbow netting on our website so that you can do both on your own.

The next item you will get is a sewing awl kit that also comes with a curved needle on the top of the package. These sewing awls are great for puncturing thick areas of vinyl so that you can get them ready to stitch back up. If you have tears in your inflatable that are too large to patch and you want extra reinforcement, this kit provides you with what you need to actually hand sew it yourself. Sticking your inflatable will make it very sturdy, durable, and will last you a while. The sewing awl kit does come with a spool of thread. As mentioned before, it also has a curved needle on the top which you can use for a variety of different repairs. We have tutorials on how to use both the sewing awl as well as the curved needle for a variety of different purposes and different sewing methods.

Along with the sewing awl, and the spool of thread it comes with, you are also provided with a large one pound spool of thread. This is commercial grade, industrial inflatable thread. This thread is the same type of thread they use to make inflatables. So when you repair your moonwalks, you’re using the same, sturdy, durable materials that the original manufacturers used.

You will also be provided with a brand new pair of scissors to use however you need.

While in the standard repair kit you are provided with one seam ripper, in the premium repair kits you’re actually provided with five. These seam rippers are used to break the stitching on already sewn inflatables so that you can enter into the inflatable to conduct a repair without damaging the inflatable any further.

Another item you will get that you won’t find in our normal repair kits is a strip of velcro patching. This velcro patch is made so that you can use it as either an entire 2 foot long patch or you can break it up into separate increments. It is stitched on certain areas. You have a 1st section and 2 6” sections. Or use the entire piece as one. It’s your choice. That’s why we leave it to where you can either cut it up yourself, or you can leave it as is. It’s designed so that you cut in between the stitching so that if you want to cut it up into smaller pieces, you just cut along the stitching so you won’t break it.

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