The Only Glue You Should Use For Your Bounce House Patches

Our cement glue comes in

Our vinyl cement glue comes in three different sizes. The smallest being a 4 ounce can of glue, the next size up being an 8 ounce can of glue, and our largest size being a 16 ounce can of glue.

No matter what size you choose, all of our vinyl cement glue is specifically designed to repair commercial grade PVC coated vinyl inflatables. It is designed so that when you use the glue to adhere vinyl to vinyl, it is permanent and you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. This glue is great for patching inflatables when you have small holes and tears that just need a surface repair and don’t need replacing.  We offer many colors of vinyl patches to match your unit when you need a repair, sometimes, you just need to glue down something on your bounce house or water slide. This vinyl cement is recommended for all of our DIY projects such as our DIY Inflation Tube strap replacement or glue on drain flaps and zippers we offer on our web store.

We have patch kits available that come with vinyl patches for repairing your bounce house.

Our vinyl cement glue is also included in our repair kits and patch kits. If you needed to patch an inflatable, we do have a complete patch kit you can purchase. We also have repair kits that give you everything you need for a large variety of small repairs.

It is very easy to use, we have videos on our YouTube channel walking you through.  Simply apply the vinyl cement to the cleaned area on the unit and also on the secondary vinyl (patch or what you are gluing to the inflatable).  The vinyl cement needs to dry for a couple of minutes to become tacky then apply together with pressure for a few minutes. This will create a permanent bond.

Vinyl repair tape is a fast solution to unexpected repairs.

If you are looking for a quick temporary fix, we recommend using our commercial grade vinyl repair tape.  This will get you through the event with an onsite repair, it’s clear to match the unit and can easily be remove when the proper professional repair can be done.


  1. Chris Altis on January 18, 2021 at 11:31 am

    We have a (non-commercial) bounce house for my kids. I believe it’s actually polyester, rather than vinyl. I’m wanting to repair a rip at a seam. Could this be used?

    • lburgessjr on July 19, 2022 at 8:45 am

      NO, we have a “Little Tykes” repair kit for Nylon inflatables like yours. You can purchase it on our webstore at

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