The Most Popular Sandbags For Your Obstacle Course

Sandbags are important to keep on hand if you operate your inflatables indoors.

Our standard sandbags are a step up from our econo sandbags, and they’re a great way to anchor down any inflatable.

The center of the sandbag has a strip of webbing where the D-ring is anchored so it has extra reinforcement. You don’t have to worry about the D-ring being pulled out or going anywhere.

Sandbags are a great way to anchor down your inflatables, in situations such as school gyms, because your inflatable should always be anchored down. Whether that being staked into the ground or using sandbags at all times while it’s inflated.

We recommend two sandbags per corner. These sandbags can hold 50 to 75 pounds and they come in packs of 4. You can get as many as you need depending on the inflatables you have.

We also recommend that you use pea gravel for these instead of actual sand. If you were to put sand in the sandbag and it opened up, or the sand itself inside the bag were to bust open, that would make a large mess that would be difficult to deal with. But if you use pea gravel, it eliminates that problem altogether.

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