The Longest Lasting Inflatable Moonwalk Strap

Seatbelt material is the longest lasting and the least likely to dry out and break over time.

Our seatbelt moonwalk straps are by far the best and most long lasting way to keep your inflatables secure. Just like the name suggests, they are made out of a seatbelt material. They are very tough, very durable, and they’re going to last a really long time.

If you want to invest in a strap that is going to last you many, many years, this is a great option for you.  We use this material when we repair inflatables that have missing or torn tie down straps. This material is very durable, more so than standard webbing, and will resist wear or weathering.  

We have them in 10 foot and 15 foot rolls depending on the inflatable you need them for. We recommend the 10 foot rolls for inflatables such as jumpers and the 15 foot rolls for larger inflatables like large obstacles and slides.

We also carry the 10 foot and 15 foot webbing straps in an econo rainbow webbing style and our most popular black 2” webbing.  We can custom make any length of straps for your bounce houses or water slides in just a few minutes. We stock the 10 foot and 15 foot straps so you can add on to a repair when you come or just swing by our warehouse when you need a few straps.

They’re smooth, slick, and easy to tie down. But, the smoothness of the material doesn’t stop the double D-rings on the end from getting a good grip on the material and keeping your inflatable tight, secure, and easy to transport.


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