You Can Repair Your Slide’s Ladder Climb, Here’s How

Our ladder climb steps are made out of 18oz commercial grade vinyl and high density foam.

Our ladder climb steps are made out of a high density foam that is very durable, will last you a long time, and is very comfortable for children to climb on. Sometimes, in ladder climbs that you receive, the foam inside the ladder climb steps is actually pool noodle foam. While at first use this material does work well, over time they do wear down and flatten. They will start to shrink and get soft, and they don’t become very usable after a while.

Instead of replacing the inside of the steps with PVC pipe, which can be uncomfortable to walk on and is very stiff, you can replace it with these high density foam steps because they are very tough and durable. They’re hard enough that you can step on them easily, but they’re still much more comfortable than PVC pipe.

They come in 12″ and 18″ lengths.

You can purchase them individually or purchase as many as you need. They come in two different sizes, 12 inches long and 18 inches long.

You can hand stitch these yourself onto the already existing ladder climb so that you never have to take the ladder climb into a facility to get repaired.

If you have particular needs, however, and you need an entirely new blanket created, we can do that at our facility by either you sending the ladder climb blanket to us, or giving us the dimensions and measurements. We can make one completely from scratch and ship it to you without you ever coming to our facility.

Be sure to go to our website and click on the live chat, call us, or email us, and get a free quote on getting a new climb blanket created or a repair conducted for you. We also have a video showing you how to install these steps yourself on our website.


  1. James walker on February 21, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    What’s the pricing for a new 10ft ladder blanket?

    • lburgessjr on July 20, 2020 at 11:30 am

      Sorry I missed this comment. Our ladder climb prices are based on the width, length, velcro size and number of rungs. Usually around $12 per foot plus the rungs @ $20 per rung.

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