A Premium Quality Bounce House Strap

Premium moonwalk straps are made out of a durable webbing material.

Our premium moonwalk straps are a great way to keep your moonwalk tight, secure, and easy to transport. The premium strap webbing is a little more durable than the econo option, and so it will last you a bit longer and it won’t dry rot as quickly.

They come in 10 foot and 15 foot long straps. We recommend the 10 foot long straps for inflatables such as jumpers and the larger 15 foot straps for inflatables such as larger slides and obstacles.

The durable webbing comes with two D-rings on the end of it so that it’s very easy to tie tightly and secure it. Using them allows you to move your inflatables around without hassle. The premium straps do also come as an option to get them with a label on them. You can purchase them with the label and write on them what your inflatable is for easy identification and to make it easier for you to keep track of all your inflatables.

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