The Highest Quality Sandbags For Jump Houses

Sandbags are important to keep your inflatable secure indoors.

No matter where your inflatable is being used, it should be anchored down at all times, and staked into grass whenever possible. Our premium sandbags are the ultimate way to keep your inflatable secure indoors so that you can have peace of mind.

They’re made out of 18 ounce vinyl, which is a very durable vinyl and the same type of vinyl you find on industrial grade inflatables.

They also possess extra qualities that the econo and standard sandbags don’t have. The first thing that it has that the other sandbags don’t is straps attached to the sides of the sandbag. These are used so that it’s easy to pick up and carry. They make the sandbags easy to transport it from one area to another.

The second feature that it has on it that you don’t find on the other sandbags is the strap in the center. This is used to strap closed the top flap. The top flap does have velcro to seal closed, but as an extra measure, you can strap down the flap. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the flap breaking open and any of the sand falling out.

The center of the sandbag, where the ring is that you use to anchor the inflatable, is a reinforced area with a piece of webbing. This is so that the anchor point has extra durability and will last a long time.

We recommend using two sandbags per corner. We also recommend using pea gravel instead of play sand. When you fill a sandbag with sand and you ever have a situation where the sandbag may open up, you will have sand going everywhere and it makes a lot of mess. But if you use pea gravel, it provides the same amount of weight and a lot less hassle because it won’t make a mess if it comes out. You can leave the pea gravel in its plastic packaging and just put the entire thing inside the sandbag.

These sandbags can carry 50 to 75 pounds depending on how much sand or pea gravel you put in it. Whether you anchor your inflatable outside in the grass or you use our sandbags to anchor them indoors in areas such as school gyms, your inflatable should be anchored down at all times while it’s inflated for safety.

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