Everything You Need To Patch Your Jumpy Castle

Vinyl patch kits are an important tool to keep on hand when the need for a repair arises.

Our vinyl patch kit is an affordable way to keep the resources on hand that you need to repair small holes and tears in your inflatables, which keep you from having to take it to a facility to get repaired.

Inside our patch kit, there is a roll of vinyl. You will receive eight patches of different colors. Inside the roll is red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, and black, white. In total that is the primary and secondary colors, as well as the black and white. The kit provides you will all of the colors you need to do a variety of different patches on all of your inflatables.

You are also provided with a four ounce can of glue. This can be upgraded to an eight ounce can on our website if preferred. The base price does come with a four ounce can of glue, which is enough to do several patches.

These patch kits are great to keep on hand for emergency need as well as when an unexpected problem comes up. When there’s a small hole or tear in your inflatable that doesn’t necessarily need to be fixed, or an area doesn’t need to be replaced and it just needs patching over, this is a great solution for that.

The vinyl cement glue is specifically designed to adhere vinyl to vinyl. So once you patch your inflatable with the vinyl and the vinyl cement glue, it is permanent and you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. We also have a video that shows you exactly how to use the patches and the vinyl to patch your inflatable yourself. It is simple, easy, and takes on average about five minutes.

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