The Most Affordable Bounce House Strap

Standard econo straps are the most affordable way to keep your inflatable secure.

Our econo straps are a great and easy way to keep your inflatable strapped, tightly rolled, and easy to transport. These straps are an affordable solution if you need them in large quantities. We carry in stock four different styles of webbing.  We carry this econo rainbow strapping as well as a thicker 2” webbing and our top of the line 2” seatbelt webbing.

We have them in 10 foot and 15 footrolls depending on the inflatable you need them for. We recommend the 10 foot rolls for inflatables such as jumpers, and the 15 foot rolls for larger inflatables like large obstacles and slides.  We can always custom make the straps to your desired length in just a few minutes. If you are ever close by or are coming for a repair and want custom lengths, just give us a heads up and we can have them ready for you. If you just want the normal 10 foot for jumpy castles or the 15 foot slide straps, we always have plenty in stock for you to pick up at our warehouse or we can ship them same day to you if you are too far to drive to our Covington, GA warehouse.

These straps are made out of a durable webbing. It comes with two D-rings so that it is very easy to keep the inflatable strapped. They make the inflatable easy to transport and move around.

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