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Archive for March 2019

A Premium Quality Bounce House Strap

Our premium moonwalk straps are a great way to keep your moonwalk tight, secure, and easy to transport. The premium strap webbing is a little more durable than the econo option, and so it will last you a bit longer and it won’t dry rot as quickly.

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The Highest Quality Sandbags For Jump Houses

No matter where your inflatable is being used, it should be anchored down at all times, and staked into grass whenever possible. Our premium sandbags are the ultimate way to keep your inflatable secure indoors so that you can have peace of mind.

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How To Disinfect Your Rental Inventory

A great pairing to add to our organic moonwalk cleaner is our moonwalk disinfectant. Disinfecting your inflatables should be a regular part of your cleaning routine to keep them free of harmful bacteria and safe for kids to use.

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