Affordable Sandbags For Your Bounce House

Econo sandbags are an affordable way to keep your inflatable-and those using it-safe.

Our econo sandbags are an easy and affordable way to anchor down your inflatable. Sometimes situations arise where you cannot stake the inflatable into grass, such as when they’re indoors in places like school gyms. Your bounce house, slide, obstacle course, or any other type of inflatable should be anchored down at all times while inflated for safety, and staked into grass whenever possible.

They’re made out of the same material as moon bouncers.

These sandbags are made out of 18 ounce vinyl, which is the same material that industrial moonwalks are made out of. For that reason, they are very durable. It has a D-ring attached to the corner so that once you fill the bag with pea gravel or sand, you can anchor it to your inflatable easily with a carabiner. These sandbags can hold anywhere from 50 to 75 pounds.

Pro tip: Use pea gravel instead of sand.

We recommend that you put pea gravel in the sandbags instead of actual sand. It’s much easier to put into the sandbags and it doesn’t make a mess. If the bag were to open up while loose sand was inside, the the sand would spread everywhere and be almost impossible to clean. But if it were gravel, the pebbles would fall out and easily be able to be picked up and put back inside the bag.

These sandbags come in packs of four. You can get as many as you need depending on your inflatable. You should have two sandbags to a corner to make sure it’s secure. Your inflatable should always be secured by sandbags or stakes into the ground when it’s inflated.

Be sure to note, sandbags should only be used if staking the inflatable into the ground is not an option. Always stake the inflatable into grass whenever possible.

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