Easy To Install Drain Flap For Water Slides

Drain flaps are easy to install on any inflatable.

A common issue that comes with owning and operating water slide inflatables is the dangers of mold that comes with it. Mold thrives in dark damp areas such as inside an inflatable that is not completely dry. If water slides are not dried thoroughly after use, this issue will arise eventually. A quick, fast, and easy way to drain and dry the inside of your slip-n-slides and water slides is to use a drain flap.

Benefit #1: Draining water from your waterslide makes it easier to transport.

Our DIY deflation flaps are a great addition to all water inflatables. It has a velcro flap so that it can seal closed once it’s attached to the inflatable. When you need to deflate the inflatable, it is very easy to open the flap and let out air and expel water. Having an opening on the underside of your inflatable allows gravity to drain the water out of the bottom so that it doesn’t sit inside and keep your moonwalk damp. Removing water from the inflatable before rolling it up and transporting it also saves time and energy that would have been spent with the added water weight. There’s no need to move your inflatable while it’s filled with water. Just install these flaps and remove the unnecessary weight before you transport it.

Benefit #2: Prevent mold from growing inside your inflatable.

Immediately removing the water reduces the chances of mold. We recommend keeping the moonwalk inflated in an area it can stay inflated for at least several hours after expelling the excess water. While the slide is inflated, keep the drain flaps partially open, and the air will circulate through the inside of the inflatable as compared to staying stagnant. The circulation of the air expedites the drying process and prevents the formation of mold.

Benefit #3: There’s no sewing experience required to install one yourself.

These drain flaps can be installed by yourself. There is no sewing required and we have a step by step tutorial on our website showing you exactly how to install it. All that is required is the drain flap and a can of vinyl cement glue, which is also available on our website. Whether you just need these to help deflate an inflatable faster, or drain out the water, these are a great addition to any inflatable.


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