DIY Business Card Holders For Bounce Houses

DIY card holders are affordable and easy to install.

This useful feature is not found already installed on every inflatable you purchase. Depending on the manufacturer, the inflatable will come with a business card pouch, usually found on the column of a bounce house. The benefit to having these card holders is your moon bouncer can sell itself for you, even when you’re not around. By placing your business cards in the clear pouch where they’re visible, potential customers attending an event where your jumpy castle is being used can take one and have all of your business information.

Customers who rent your inflatables will also have easy access to the cards, so that they can pass them on to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a crucial part of growing a small business catered to serving families.

Benefit #1: They’re affordable.

If your inflatables, even your obstacle courses and giant slides, don’t have a card holder already installed, you can install one yourself using our DIY business card holders. It’s an easy and affordable way to grow your business because it’s very easy to install onto an inflatable you already have.

Benefit #2: They’re easy to install on your own.

You install it just like you would patch an inflatable using vinyl cement glue. It is very similar to a large vinyl patch that you would use the vinyl cement glue to patch onto your inflatable. Commonly, it’s patched to a column of a jumper or an obstacle course, and then you can place your business cards inside the pocket. This way, it is easily accessible at any event or party, even when you’re not there yourself.

Benefit #3: Your customers will grow your business for you.

Customers will see the card holder and see there’s cards inside and take one or several and pass it along to their friends and family. Through word of mouth it will help you grow your business. We also have a video on our website showing you exactly how to patch inflatables and how to install this yourself.

Purchase your own card holder to start growing your business faster today.

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